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The Moments

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” – Buddha

You have this moment. Here and Now. The past has passed; the future yet to come. Time is elusive. It will evades when you don’t take notice. Your body is here; your mind is elsewhere. Your child asked you a question. You did not hear. You are eager to get things done. Just one more thing I should be good to go. You are busy. People will understand, but they don’t. Your actions show who and what are important to you. You can say many words, but actions will tell. They only listen to your actions. Choose your actions with your heart.

Remember you have only this moment, give that moment the precious attention it deserves. When you spend time with your wife and children, put your heart and mind to them. Enjoy this moment that you have with them. A simple dinner will bond the hearts. Memories are created. And they will live within their hearts. Nothing can take those away. Only you can take away that precious moment. The time is now, take a deep breath, and live this moment. If you don’t focus on the now, the past will be regrets, the future will be sorrows. Cherish the here and now!

To Be Successful

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” – Albert Einstein.

Life gives you many choices. Whatever you decide on, you will become. Your decisions develop your character; they make who you are, what you care about. Based on them, you will influence other people, and your own family. Your decisions will develop and improve their lives, or destroy them. Your choice. To help with your choices, you have to find the why to live, and then figure out the how. Why influences your decisions, everyday. The How will work according to the Why. You can focus on the success of gaining monetary items, fame, the prestige position, but those are materialistic. They will come and go without notice. No feelings attached to them. Those can be replaced. You can be replaced. Those are the unsteady ground: a simple shake, and it will tip and fall. Inanimate goals do not bring any happiness or success, since they are void of any feelings. You gave the emotions and attach to them, but not reciprocal.

To have an everlasting success, and happiness; focus on the value that you will give to other people, and your family. Those can never be taken away, no matter how hard people will want to tip it. Human emotions cannot be broken. They will last forever. They will live in the memory of others. Those are the success that you want to reach. No money in the world can replace the value that you place upon this world, and how you change other people’s life. Live your life with the priceless values you give. Give more than what you receive, and you will experience true happiness. Everlasting success. How do you define success? What do you value the most?